December2017 Morton/Method (MIL SPEC K9’s) Intro

The one thing that is consistent with my business is that I am always working towards creating an elite working canine in my breeding program.  Sometimes, Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate or is inconsistent. It takes a lot of time and effort to properly care for, house, feed, raise, and train each pup to adulthood, only […]

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June2017 Morton Method/Newsletter (Handler Involvement)

Tracking a suspect using your k9 is an art form for the handler. Too many handlers, though, rely on their canine too much during the track. Most times I see handlers problem solve tracking, they are trying to fix issues that are hereditary in the canine, or trying to fix issues in the dog, when in reality it is the handler’s issues that should be […]

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April2017 12th Edition/Newsletter (Role of the K9 Handler)

The Role of the Canine Handler Handler Qualification  Ultimately, it would be beneficial for a potential canine handler to be experienced in SWAT or to be in a position of TL (team lead), for a SWAT-style arrangement.  Why?  Those with this type of background have applicable working experience and a clear understanding of the big picture of tactics and multi-tasking under pressure.  […]

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