September/WK5 2016/Blog – Canine Home Protection Tactics Series (Intro)

Canine Home Protection Tactics (Intro):

I feel people who purchase a home protection canine and even some military/police handlers have never been taught or lack ongoing training in the proper utilization of their canine in critical areas in real world situations. It is important that homeowners/handlers are properly trained by an experienced trainer to be effective. This blog series will address key issues on tactics for home protection canine owners. Throughout this series I will address the specific tactics below individually in detail. If the information provided in this series is unfamiliar to you, training is needed.

The decision to own a home protection canine should not be made lightly and is not for everyone. With ownership comes responsibility. I will identify specific owner liabilities and the importance of annual evaluations with an experienced trainer.

A home owner with a home protection canine should be trained in the following areas:

  • Establish plan for the potential conflicts
  • Defensive vs Offensive Tactics
  • Home Protection Searches and Breaking and Entering
  • On Leash Protection
  • Gunfire
  • Vehicle Protection
  • Canine Trauma Care
  • Dogfights
  • Safety measures for yourself, family, friends, property and public in social situations

and most importantly obedience. Obedience is the foundation for success in all above applications.

Next Week Post:  I will start with establishing a plan in all potential conflicts and “help you rise to the occasion”

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