November/WK14 2016/Blog – Canine Tactical Gear Series (#3)

Why have a 1/2 inch thick collar around your dog’s neck? For tracking? For K9 identity? For posting?Handlers should understand that the mobility of the canine is paramount.  When I see the picture below, all I see is a dog that is limited.


“Ideally, a canine should have nothing but a light around its neck during deployments, having an obedience chain or regular collar around your dogs neck, could result in your canine getting choked by the unknown.”

These days the majority of law enforcement canine handlers are required to have a fail-safe device on their working canine, i.e. an electric collar; it’s policy.  I am surprised, though, at the number of law enforcement canine handlers who struggle with, or cannot manipulate an electric collar device and maintain hands on the unknown, safely and effectively.  But yet canine handlers cannot utilize the electric collars during any of their agency’s annual certification organizations of choice, which means they are not being certified on how to incorporate or operate the electric collar device in the field (future newsletter).

Define single purpose: to satisfy a narrow, specific or temporary purpose

The one thing that stands out with all my gear is that each piece is designed for multi-purpose use. Overseas we tried to never used a piece that had only one function. Why have a collar that’s, well, just a collar?

Canine Tactical offers two fail-safe collars.

1)  The Fail-Safe Collar 


– Fail-Safe application: if the buckle fails, the collar stays on the canine.

– Heavy duty plastic buckle allows lightweight application and stream lines the collar

(current metal buckles on the market are bulky and impractical in the field).

– Velcro placed for 1″ reflective/IR tape squares

– 8″ tab lead (refer to next week’s Blog. I go into detail on how important this assesory is. )

DSC_4667I prefer the tubular nylon for several reasons: its strength, its lightweight feel, its flexibility and the fact that it gives.

Canine Tactical takes the multi-purpose collar a step further; standard electric collars do not incorporate the electric collar device in a fail-safe application like Canine Tactical does – a point of difference from other vendors and companies.

2)  The JP Electric Collar


– fail-safe collar application, with your electric collar device imbedded within the collar.

A quote by a LE K9 handler about the JP Electric Collar ” I really like that the sizing is consistent every time.”

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