August/WK1 2016/Blog – Muzzle Work (1 of 4)

The most overlooked piece of equipment by a canine trainer/vendor  – The most important piece of gear in a handler kit – The piece of gear where proper fit is essential – The piece of gear that should always be with the dog wherever it goes. The piece of gear that separates a sport dog from a working dog.

The Original Agitation Muzzle


The 4 part series on Muzzles will cover:

  • The different types of Muzzles available
  • The importance of using a properly fitted muzzle effectively if you are inline for a home                    protection canine or working canine
  • Why routine safety checks are crucial for your canine and all involved when using a muzzle
  • Benefits of muzzle use during training, in a static setting, in public and during social functions with family, friends, and your Veterinarian if necessary

This week’s post will cover several types of muzzles on the market.  Discussing what works, what doesn’t, and why……In my world there is only one:  ‘The Original Agitation Muzzle’ (refer to picture above).  Across the board there is no other muzzle on the market with multiple uses as this one.  Used effectively, this muzzle will separate the sport dog from the working dog.

You will find Standard leather muzzles, Mesh muzzles, Basket muzzles, Wire muzzles, and Plastic muzzles. None of which are comparable to the Original Agitation Muzzle.

The Standard leather muzzle 3311-standard-muzzle-p doesn’t have enough holes or holes large enough for proper airflow and does not allow the canine the ability to eat or drink efficiently.

The Mesh muzzle 7c1300-nylon-muzzle allows the canine to open their mouth just enough to latch on to a finger.  But not wide enough for airflow to breath properly.  The only advantages the Mesh muzzle offers is that it fits in your pocket and is cheap.  The ease of usage is for you, as for your dog, not so much. It can only be used in a static environment and not during practical training sessions.

Note to all Mesh muzzle users:  Never place a Mesh muzzle on your canine while in transit. If your canine would happen to get sick and vomit this muzzle does not allow your canine to open their mouth wide enough and it will choke on its own vomit.

The Basket 3191-german-made-muzzle-p and Wire muzzle ei-wire-basket-muzzle-p  both allow for the most airflow, but safety is a concern during training.  Both muzzles allow the decoy to potentially get his/her fingers bit during training.  Although decoys are to keep their hands close to their body, well sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Additonaly, most Basket muzzles are overpriced.

The Plastic muzzle jm3-plastic-muzzle  doesn’t give like leather and can break on impact during training causing injury to your canine and decoy/helper when muzzle breaks.

With that being said.

Why the Original Agitation Muzzle? Durability, Breathability, and Safety. This muzzle will meet your needs in all areas of usage for a home protection canine, a working canine and a pet when it is used effectively.

The Original Agitation Muzzle ram9bk-ram-muzzle  has multiple holes surrounding the muzzle with multiple larger holes for proper airflow to allow the canine to breath, drink, and eat.  The leather will naturally break-in over time for more comfort and significantly reduces the risk for a decoy or individual to get their fingers inside the muzzle during training or static environment.  It is available in a variety of sizes for proper fit for any breed.  And will last the duration of your working canine.


Something to think about until next week – If a trainer/vendor does not offer any type of muzzle training and it is not included in their program curriculum, you should reconsider.

Next week:  Proper Fit and Safety Checks

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