November/WK15 2016/Blog – Canine Tactical Gear Series (#4)

Last week I stressed the importance of multiple uses for each piece of gear and introduced the Fail-Safe Collar and the JP Electric Collar (refer to 04Nov16 blog).  I described the fail-safe application, that if the hardware/snaps or breaks, the collar would still be attached to your canine. Just that application alone sets it apart from other low profile collars. Now lets add something else to this collar to make it even better!

As a canine operator, I stowed my handler leash while on target and utilized my hip lead until target was secure. Most of the time that meant my canine was off-leash searching. There were many “close call” moments where I needed to get positive control of my canine quickly. This left me with only two options – grabbing the harness or the collar. This in turn, kept my canine in drive mode. No physical corrections could be applied.

Define positive control: The state of having physical or non-physical control of a canine.

As a canine operator it is very important to have positive control of your canine in high risk and static situations.  It is inevitable that Murphy’s law will emerge at some level. Do you want your canine off-leash during these situations? Will your canine even hear verbal commands or hear its name being called above the chaos? Would you want to leave it to chance?

My experience in surviving Murphy’s law is that I learned the hard way – always be one step ahead and prepared both mentally and physically. Having your canine on-leash, unless utilizing in key     areas, is crucial for safety and overall success. To achieve this, I applied the Tab Lead on the Fail-Safe collar.


Once again, tubular nylon because of it’s strength and flexibility. Please understand that the hardware chosen for this tab lead isn’t designed for posting. The hardware is lightweight for a reason. It keeps it tight around the collar. Heavy hardware pulls the velcro when the canine runs and thrashes around on a bite.

Video of tab lead being utilized


The Tab Lead is used in conjunction with the Fail-Safe collar, or it can be used on Canine Tactical’s standard vest and the ballistic vest. It is the perfect length, if it separates from the velcro, it won’t get caught on anything.

Conclusion: A more practical use of a simple leash, such as adding a tab lead on a fail-safe collar makes a positive impact in the field.  Try it, experience the difference.

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