November/WK16 2016/Blog – Canine Tactical Gear Series (#5)

Canine Collapsible Canvas Water Bowls:

During my canine deployments, because of the heat, water was important for us both. Typically, I would just pour water in my helmet for my canine and dump any remaining over my head.  A helmet is not a practical water bowl these days!

I don’t have issues with other canine water bowl product lines, other than the color choices.  Water bowls are what they are.  I do utilize the collapsible canvas water bowls for temporary usage only.  I will offer a little water/food in one of these bowls during travel, long training days, etc.  Once wet, I turn it inside out to dry. I have integrated the 550 cord loop in my product line for easy stowage, to hang or secure on the outside of canine duffle bags etc., and to air dry.


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