January/WK23 2017/Blog – Canine Tactical Gear Series (#9)

Last week I introduced the C-IFAK (Canine – Individual First Aid Kit).  I recommend storing the C-IFAK with first line gear in a cargo pocket on the handler’s support side. The C-IFAK contents support serious canine injuries/illness when you are away from your vehicle and seconds count.  For example – in a building, during a long track or an area search. Why carry a C-IFAK?  To give your canine immediate care for life threatening injuries/illness until safe transport to a medical facility – Again, seconds count.

Canine handlers often receive donated medical bags from various groups that mean well, but unfortunately only contain standard items for minor injuries.

I have yet to see a medical bag that included a fluid kit. Overheating is one of the top 4 medical emergencies that affect working dogs, yet handlers don’t train nor are they equipped to treat it. The Kick Bag by Canine Tactical comes with a dedicated detachable fluid bag. Detachable for fluid bag usage if needed without carrying the entire Kick Bag. The detachable bag includes 18 gauge catheters for the Sub Q fluid application/saddle bag.


A second emergency treatment for an overheated canine – Oxygen

The oxygen cylinder is small and lasts approximately 15 minutes. It is small for a reason.  Emergency use only. The Kick Bag is supplied with a regulator and the handler is responsible for keeping the cylinder filled. Very affordable at approximately $13.00 per refill. The Kick Bag also comes with a nasal tube that attaches to the muzzle. I use this application because it isn’t necessary to carry two muzzles when your canine should already have a muzzle for training.


A pouch is also included in the C-IFAK for worst case scenarios – mortal wound gear.

The AMBU rebreather is setup for the 9mm endotracheal tube for extreme medical emergencies. I recommend every canine handler learn and practice how to insert a endotracheal tube by a Veterinarian. Most are open to this, if you haven’t done so, you are behind.

The remaining contents of the Kick Bag include: SAM splint for immobilizing bone and soft tissue injuries, a surgical kit for cleaning superficial wounds, and nonstick gauze pads.

The Kick Bag



Contents are as follows:

1 – Modified 3-day bag

1 – 1L Sodium Chloride IV Fluids (side-mounted detachable bag)

1 – IV Line Kit

1 – 18 gauge IV Catheter

2 – HALO Chest Seals

1 – Petroleum Gauze

2 – Ace Wrap

1 – 2″ Surgical Tap Roll

2 – 4 1/2″ x 4 1/8″ Yard Kerlix Roll Gauze

2 – 14 Gauge Decompression Needles

4 – Non Stick Pad Dressings

1 – Vet Clot

1 – Bottle Activated Charcoal Bottle

1 – Space Blanket

1 – Surgical Set (Detachable)

1 – 2 (Second) Digital Thermometer

1 – Trauma Shears

1 – Disposable Skin Stapler

2 – Disposable Scalpels

1 – SAM Splint

1 – AMBU Re-Breather Bag

1 – 9mm Endotracheal Tube

1 – Nasal Tube

1 – Oxygen Regulator

1 – UN1072 Oxygen Tank (170 Liters) (Not Supplied)

1 – Original Ray Allan Muzzle (Not Supplied)

Email joshuamorton@caninetactical.com for questions.


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