September/WK7 2016/Blog – Canine Home Protection Tactics Series (#2)

Last week I explained a scenario in which a homeowner would use their home protection canine in a home invasion while the family is inside the home. We discussed establishing a rally point and how to employ your canine in a defensive tactic for that particular scenario.

I want to keep pushing with defensive tactics due to the sensitivity of content on being on the offensive. That being said, I do teach the appropriateness of being on the offensive with their canine when I sell my clients a home protection canine, although I want to push defensive tactics.

Being on the defensive allows you to dictate when and where the action goes down. It almost allows you to be in control. And if a owner plans accordingly, defensive tactics are the safe bet.

The scenario that I will discuss relates to a break in while no family members are present inside the home. As you approach your home from the driveway you may noticed curtains that you left open, are now closed or a window open that has been closed or movement inside the home. So you investigate further by checking 360/720 degrees you’re clearing all sides of home and the roof top as well (720). Of course canine should be attached to Canine Tactical’s Custom Hands Free Hip Lead (image shown below)


Once again, I stress call 911 and not committing inside your home. Let trained personnel manage the situation. One thing the home owner can do is contain the area/home. So you can relay up to date information to the officer. And that information can be as follows: How long were you gone, have you seen any movement inside the home, whether you owe anyone anything, if you have a positive head count on family members that reside in the house, whether there any firearms inside home that anyone has access to, if the doors are locked, and if you’ve checked other buildings/vehicles on the property. Also understanding that every officer is different and may or may not care about what you say.

Recap of scenario

Defensive tactic –  identifying the threat, call 911, contain area while maintaining positive control of canine and wait for Calvary.

Golden Nugget for an offensive tactic of this scenario: Deploy your canine through the window or door that was breached. Technically, you just took his known out/escape from the unknown/intruder.

Next weeks blog: I explain that training with gunfire is just as important as everything else.

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