October/WK13 2016/Blog – Canine Tactical Gear Series (#2)

This week’s Blog is in keeping with the leash theme:  INFIL/Bungie Leashes.

During my first canine deployment I quickly discovered that the bungie leash (4 to 5 feet long, advertised as ‘hands free’ and attaches to your vest) is as impractical in the field as the issued 6′ leather leash.  The use of either leash kept me out of the fight unless my canine was being used off leash, which in some cases, I had keep canine tethered because of to many women and children on target. So how could, something as simple as a leash keep us out of the fight?

Anytime you are attached to your canine and your canine can pull 4 to 5 feet in front of you during a chaotic situation; it is dangerous for your teammates, your canine and yourself.  It allows your canine to run the situation; forging ahead puts the canine in drive; putting a canine in drive allows the canine to pull, which makes you fight/resist, and you become not focused on the threat and/or very wobbly on your feet. Not to mention your canine can now jump up in front of your weapon at the last second.

It didn’t take long to realize that as a canine handler using the issued equipment by the canine vendor/trainer in high risk situations set us up for failure.

So whenever possible some of us would attempt to put pieces of gear together that would keep our canine in a safe controlled position at our side, unfortunately with no success. There was always something missing in each particular piece.

I believe this custom leash separates a Working Dog handler from a Sport Dog handler. Why? Because a Working Dog handler is trained in individual shooter skills and understands that utilizing his canine is a last resort; therefore, the handler needs a custom leash that keeps the canine tight to his body. The custom leash will keep the canine behind the handler and allow the handler to make corrections hands-free.

It is called the Custom Hip Lead


Custom Fit  (allows canine to be tight and behind handler)

Quick Release  (pull tab just big enough for quick grab)

Swivel Hardware  (tangle free from canine turns)

Hands Free  (hip correction and using leg as guide/barrier)


Streamline stowage when not in use


Vist http://www.caninetactical.com/hip_lead.php for proper sizing instructions and ordering.

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