December/WK19 2016/Blog – Canine Tactical Gear Series (#6 actual)

Working canines are a valuable asset and need to be properly equipped for safety and function. It is important to understand when it comes to canine protective gear, more is not always better, what everybody else has is not always best, if it restricts mobility, speed or inhibits performance regardless of how tactically cool it looks on your canine is not always practical or safe.

How does the MOD 3 compare to other brands?

The Mod 3 K-9 Vest (shown w/ Go Pro Insert)


It is a custom fit streamlined multi-purpose vest. Constructed with Mil Spec materials and hand sewn locally using kevlar thread for long lasting quality.  Each of my vests are custom fit eliminating sizing issues. Canines that are put in a  small/medium/large or x-large do not properly fit all areas of the canine’s body.  An ill fitted vest  will effect performance.

Inserts: The Mod 3 currently has 3 options for inserts: Basic Carrying Handle, Go Pro Mount and the Single Pouch.  A Life Jacket insert will be available soon! Changing inserts is as easy as unzipping two zippers and switching out the insert. Inserts can be ordered at anytime, (Your canine’s measurements are kept on file).  One inch spacers are also available or fluctuating weight.

There are two snap buckles that adjust for precision fit around your canine’s neck. The D-Ring hardware functions as a collar thereby eliminating a neck collar.  The Mod 3 vest also stows the Tab Lead like the Fail-Safe collar.

When a vest is strapped on the canine, the zippers have 550 cord loop to keep zippers secure when canine is active.

1″ Velcro squares  for IR/Reflective Glint tape thru out the vest around neck and both sides of vest.

Go Pro Insert – In my experience as a canine operator, vendors who supplied our vests  did not actually test the camera system for function. I would send my canine into a building and he would return either without the camera or the camera was bouncing off his ribs. We tried multiple styles of vests from multiple vendors but each one had the same problem due to poor design and the fact, it was only held together with velcro.

There is no room for improper installation with the Mod 3 camera mount application. Snaps are attached on all four corners keeping it firmly in place. (shown in above pic)

The Carry handle is used for rappelling and lifting from ground level to roofs, attics, and up ladders. The handle also has a strap for placement of rappelling and fast-roping that keeps your canine level when suspended.


(Basic Handle Insert shown above)

Posting/Tracking handle, handler uses same carrying handle piece.  Just big enough for three fingers and not your entire hand, again streamlined and simple.

20161123_182001 2

The attention to detail in the design and construction of a canine vest that is streamlined and multipurpose, that maintains mobility and comfort for the canine with quick and easy handler access for every function regardless of the tasks or the environment.  As an experienced canine operator in high risk situations I know what works and I know what doesn’t.

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