December/WK20 2016/Blog – Canine Tactical Gear Series (#7)

Canine Tactical Product: The Canine Ballistic Vest
Most canine ballistic vests on the market are rated for human protection which is not practical for working canines.  A police canine’s working environment involves close quarters with small arm causalities, i.e. small caliber, knife or blunt object, and mobility is crucial for survival.  However, the vests are bulky, heavy (approximately 8 to 13 pounds), don’t fit properly due to the small, medium, large style of fit, and cover the entire canine to the point of restricting mobility.
DoggieVests 02 EKM
Unfortunately, even with the best of intensions, whether it’s vendors or organizations that donate canine vests, ultimately, the vests pictured above have the opposite desired effect in the field.
Handlers wear their vests during their shift as should their canine.  Ballistic vests should be worn every time a canine is deployed regardless of the level of risk.  Canine ballistic vests should have all the components of regular duty vests. So if your regular canine duty vest requires a tracking handle or name tapes or carry handle or HELO rappel handle or a camera system, per your Agency’s SOP, the vest should reflect it.
I streamlined, modified, and improved the canine vest by incorporating the above in my vest and eliminated the need for multiple vests in a handler’s arsenal without sacrificing functionality, movement, comfort or safety.
Canine Tactical removed the human rated protection value concept and applied practical applications.
Bottom line – handlers ask yourself, how does your canine’s vest really measure up for safe and practical use in the field?  To effect change….you have to want it, make a case for it, ask for it.
Change is here… for handlers, by a handler.
Custom Fit Ballistic K9 Harness by Canine Tactical
DSC_4957 copy 2
The Ballistic Canine Harness is designed to provide ultimate protection for the canine without sacrificing quality, functionality or movement –  The MOD 3 Canine Harness.
Stops 22 cal, 38 Special, 357 Magnum and 9mm at Point Blank Range, Puncture Resistant and Slash Proof. Custom fit allows for mobility and comfort.
Carrying handle for lifting canine over shoulders or over a wall and for HELO insertions and/or repelling with a separate handle for tracking and drive work.
Velcro located on both sides, secures entire strap and allows for unit patches and reflectors  day/night.
1″ and 2″ spacers – As your canine grows and/or weight fluctuates allows for proper fit.
Material: All handles are made of 1” tubular nylon 4,000lb tensile strength and each run entire length of harness for added strength. The four main straps are also made with tubular nylon with  hardware that cinches as weight is applied. Ideal for medical emergencies and fast roping/repelling.  The two zippers are made with the heaviest molded plastic on the market.
Weight: 3lb vest for average weight of a 70lb canine.
Testing video available.
Available colors: Black, Coyote, Ranger Green
Email: for details

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