December/WK21 2016/Blog – Canine Tactical Gear Series (#8)

The one thing that was ingrained in our mind-set is that every operator should be able to do every other operators job all the way up to OIC level, which is the highest ranking operator on scene. I make this point because there were specific job titles in our unit; each team member had a title and it was very important that every operator knew and could take over everyone else’s job. Because an man goes down doesn’t mean the operation is over.

The job that was just as important as anyone else’s job was Medical. This especially applicable when it comes to Law Enforcement canine teams because they are left under the bus sometimes since they are far from medical personnel. As a handler, the first 10 minutes of a medical situation are vital. It is up to the handler to save the life of his canine, not call for help and wait idly. Better to do something than nothing.

Most C-IFAK’s offered by other companies are for basic first aid situations and contain useless items. 

The CIFAK – (Canine Individual First Aid Kit)


The C-IFAK is designed for the canine owner/operator on scene trauma, in either the working dog realm or the civilian realm. The C-IFAK is essential to save your dog’s life on the way to a medical institution. Not only is it for a canine, but also can be used for on-scene care for a human. Carry it on your person or store it in a glove compartment in your car in case of emergencies.

Contents are vacuum sealed and placed inside CONDURA case.

C-IFAK contents: 

2 HALO Chest Seals

1 roll 2” x 10 yrd 3M tape

1 roll 4 1/2” x 4 1/8 yrds kerlix

1 roll 3” x 5 yrds Elastic Bandage

2 14g x 2” I.V. Catheters

1 Strip of  3” x 9” Petrolatum Gauze

Canine Tactical offers TCCC (Tactical Canine Causality Care) 1 day or 2 day seminars.

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